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The Very Last Futurist Exhibition

27th İstanbul Art and Book Fair, Turkey


Merz Sammonkatu. Tampere, Finland




For The Very Last Futurist Exhibition, compositions by the avant-garde artists Lissitzky, Chashnik and Malevich have been partitioned into elements, and gravity force has been turned on; as a result, the elements in these compositions have fallen to the ground, forming piles or street barricades. 

Why has it been done? What is the formal and political message behind this? These questions are in the center of an intense discussion between the characters of the theatrical piece called Gravity

The title of the project refers to the title of the prominent The Last Futurist Exhibition (1915-1916) in Petrograd where Malevich's The Black Square was shown for the first time.
Both the series of these images and the play deal with the issue of collapse - from the collapse of the leftist avant-garde project in the 1930s to the multiple current collapses of different kinds of political and social “stability”.

The Very Last Futurist Exhibition consists of the series of 6 lithographs along with the series of 4 oil paintings. The shows in Tampere and Istanbul presented the lithographs only. 

On November 4th-12th, 2017 The Very Last Futurist Exhibition was shown as part of Gelecek Olarak Hatırlamak ("Remembering as Future") group exhibition curated by Sezgin Boynik / Rab-Rab Committee at the 27th İstanbul Art and Book Fair. 

Exhibition views. Images: Minna Henriksson, Anna Rawlings

The Very Last Futurist Exhibition has been first published in the 3rd issue of Rab-Rab Journal (October 2016).  Ilya Orlov's full textual and visual contribution can be viewed here:


Sezgin Boynik, Jyrki Siukonen, Minna Henriksson,

Gregoire Rousseau, Tevfik Rada, Anna Rawlings.

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