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Alkovi Gallery, Helsinki, Finland


VideoOrator was an installation at Alkovi gallery in Helsinki shaped from the digital works curated specifically for Red May festival by This Might Not Work. The concept by Ilya Orlov references avant-garde artist Gustav Klutsis’ 1920s utopian propaganda machine ’Radio Orator’. In the installation, Klutsis' ’Radio Orator’ paper layouts that were never implemented in his time become real by turning into VideoOrator – a new virtual platform for sharing today's artistic, political, and social ideas. 


RED MAY is a month-long festival of Radical Art and Thought taking place in Seattle, in the United States. In the festival, various speakers deal with questions linked with the contemporary cultural situation and, for instance, capitalism. Alkovi was one of the offsite partners of the event also in 2017. 


More details about the event and participants

Installation view images : Anna Rawlings.

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