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Conflict of the Faculties

Theatre Academy (TeaK), Helsinki, Finland

12 December 2019

A one-day conceptual sculpture. The work was viewable for the public only on Thursday, the 12th of December at 5-7 pm, as a collateral event to KuvA Research Days 2019.

Despite the title of the work is a reference to Kant's book, the work itself does not imply any other external references or meanings, being not about anything, but a thing in itself.

The work is made of 14 chairs and masking tape.

Aacknowledgements: Stefano de Luca, Jyrki Siukonen, Mika Elo, Anna Rawlings, Anastasia Artemeva, and Stanislav Kolibal (for inspiration).

Special thanks: Art Foundation Merita.

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