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Cloud Office / The Figures of Power in the Language of Things and Spaces 

Four-channel slide-installation

In Translation group show. MANIFESTA 10 Parallel program

Curated by Mariam Ghani

29 June–20 July 2014

A shape of a room, a furniture layout, interior details formulate an utterance that reflects the motions of power and obedience if the functioning of the space is concerned with these figures. An ordinary office with its set of trivial components can be considered as a discursive space that has its own morphology. A writing-table of a chief or a director is always located opposite to the door, whereas an average employee sits near the wall or in the corner. Similar examples can be found in other banal office items; it shares a morphology of power that can be traced back to the classic political, penitentiary and medical spatial models. Starting from this assumption and my own impressions of visits to such kind of public spaces, I attempt to identify this subtle but functioning syntax of the language of power.

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