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artist Ilya Orlov

This ‘robotic’ artwork is inspired by the street vending technics which suddenly became quite common in St. Petersburg since the 2010s when that kind of mannequins had become used in advertising small shops and cafes. The sign-waving plastic doll supplied with a primitive engine, was purchased by the artist from a local Russian ad company. In Russia, they use to call it a "robot-promoter" (there is the American prototype called a 'sign-waving robot'). Here, instead of waving a sign of some local cafe or a shoe-store, the mannequin, located in the manor house of the Seurasaari Museum, spun in its hands a stylized 'Finnish landscape' painting, made by the artist. The work was a part of the group exhibition Finnish Landscape – Contemporary Art at Seurasaari Open-Air Museum.

Photos: Noora Geagea.

Videos: Noora Geagea and others.

Special thanks: Saara Karhunen

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